Sunday, July 19, 2009


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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Still Can

So Howard Wolfson randomly announces the engagement between NY Rep. Anthony Wiener and Huma Abedin. (She came to fame as Candidate Clinton’s wardrobe mistress.) This leads me to believe that Chelsea Clinton is probably getting married this summer. It would make sense, she’s pushing 30, her boyfriend’s father is out of prison, and with Bill dipping into his dotage, and Hillary breaking bones, the Clinton star is fading fast. The Clintons need a merger, and they need to get it now, while they still can.

The Clintons and their minions are busy deflecting attention, not just by taking a page from the Palin book of fake engagements, but what's more, they're using the US State Department to deny New York taxes owed to it by foreign governments, playing games with NY’s legislature, also they're trying to get Tricky Ricky Lazio elected.

We have bloggers going on daytime television using adult language to give the misimpression that Bill Clinton was Impeached for a minor little event that happened only once, and for only a few minutes. That it was somehow OK, for women to be used by Bill Clinton, and not merely discarded by him, but also viciously sacrificed for his and his wife’s elevation.

Most people find this pattern of behavior is deeply disturbing. Most of us do not find ourselves to be so superior as to NOT take personally our sisters being exploited. We will move heaven and earth; we will wittingly walk into hell, and donnybrook with its demons, just to remove our sisters from such professional cads.

So what does that mean to Monica Lewinsky? It means that she has never had a more opportune time, to get herself a life. (Maybe consider using her step-dad’s name, or her mother’s maiden, for a while, maybe.) Hopefully, she’ll take these next couple of months, to get herself out of NY, away from big city media markets. She cannot have a proper life in Manhattan, at least not for a long, long time, not until she's known for something else. She shouldn’t go to England, too much of a Clinton reach there. If she leaves the country, she should consider Australia, nobody there cares about the Clintons. She could stay in the USA, but she’d have to get out of cites with big media markets, a medium sized city, without much media would be fine.

As Chelsea is pushing 30, that means Monica’s pushing 37. If Monica wants a family, if she wants a proper career, if she wants a real life, she needs to get it now, while she still can.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I don’t understand the logic behind the comparisons between Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. On paper, they couldn’t be more different. Sure, they’re both ambitious, they’re both married, but their husbands, although equally selfish, are also unalike. Bill has always been Hillary’s meal ticket, whereas Todd works only seasonally.

Sure, they’re both mothers, but radically different there too. Yes, they’ve both been criticized for not being home more, but for really different reasons. Hillary Clinton is a member of another generation, a generation of women most of whom went to college for their MRS degree. I remember the story; this would have been in the very late 1980’s or very early 1990’s, of Hillary Clinton showing Chelsea an article with pictures, of Bill Clinton and another woman. It’s said that Hillary Clinton did that so a young Chelsea could feel like she was a part of things. Chelsea has always been an important part of her parents’ political strategies, she's included in everything. Chelsea, now pushing 30, could easily have children herself; she could be Trig’s mother. As far as Sarah Palin having 5 children, it’s only people from tiny families that think that’s odd. The older ones take care of the younger ones, giving the grown ups time to talk. It’s a little more complicated, more moving parts, but it really isn’t more work.

Sarah and Hillary are both scolds. They each make it sound like if you don’t agree with what they say, then you’re dumb or naive. Clinton uses surrogates to punish; Palin tries to do it herself, very much the trait of a pioneer. Hillary Clinton gets away with a lot because everybody thinks that her husband, a former president, owes her something. To upset her, is to disrupt access to him. Sarah Palin doesn’t have that same bludgeon.

I find it odd that reporters are sourcing Sarah Palin’s wall on Facebook. I find it more odd, that her supporters are using the same words to rally each other, as were used by Hillary Clinton’s supporters. These are not mantras of a movement, but rather awkward phrases. It’s almost as if the same writer wrote all of it.

Finally, I want to address this business about haters and fans. I think both groups are rudely dismissed. I don’t think either is a monolithic group, so why doesn’t some polling company poll them? Find out which other politicians these people like, and dislike. What issues are most important to them? What do they have in common? How are they different? It’s possible that they’re fixated on the gender thing, but it isn’t a given. Most of us are used to seeing accomplished women, we find nothing unusual or even special about it. Equally possible, there’s logic to their loyalty. If we pay attention, listen, it’s possible that we might also learn something. Stranger things have happened.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Tricky Ricky Lazio

Well it seems that Tricky Ricky Lazio is up to something. Here’s a guy, who hasn’t even announced a run to become New York’s next governor, yet he announces that he has a one in three chance of being New York’s next governor. What is up with that? Seriously, how arrogant, conceited, elitist to you have to be, to not even deign to say you want a job, but you’re one of only three people eligible for it?

He names the current governor, the former mayor of NYC, and of course himself, as the only contenders. What makes him think that New Yorkers will even consider a banker for New York’s top spot? Bankers created this economic mess. Bankers made money so cheap, housing prices went through the roof. Bankers made us all used to using credit cards for everything. Everything. Everything even down to a purchase of a single cookie. Now they’re capriciously raising our rates, and lowering our limits, without a word of explanation. This is breaking the nation’s back. How can he expect us to elevate him, when we’re worried about our own brothers and sisters, who never asked for, nor deserved this burden?

I think that New York can do better than this pug-faced over-entitled frat boy for governor. Vote NO, on Tricky Ricky Lazio.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ugly Girlfriends

Bacardi wants us women to look better by standing near a less appealing woman, an ugly girlfriend. They have given us four choices of ugly girlfriends, from which to choose, they even put their pictures up on Facebook.

Honestly, I’m not all that mad at Bacardi. Of course it’s mean, and rude, and insulting to all of us. It defines all women as either having ugly looks, or ugly personalities. Dismissing all of the personal elements of style that make each of us more interesting. That said, they’re just trying to get their name out, and if they can get us women fighting amongst ourselves, well they probably consider that a turn on.

I’m upset with the old white women, who rail against commentators and comedians under the guise of protecting the pampered, privileged and already over protected. They come out in force when a politician’s daughter is slighted, why wouldn’t they come out in force for everyone’s daughters? This was a perfect opportunity. I don’t know if they kept silent because they are not tech savvy, or because it was in fact all women who were insulted. But I do know that it obligates me to make snide remarks over their constant clamp of The Feminine Mystique, and their hyper underscoring of The Scum Manifesto.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Just so you know, I am glad to get your comments, I really, really am.  But there are ways to make your comment more likely to get posted.  Just so you know, it is possible for me to post things that include sharp language.  It's possible, but it's also unlikely.  If you'd like to increase your chance of getting your point posted, particularly if you disagree with my point, may I suggest that you count the ways.

A simple categoric condemnation will not do.  Defend your position, attack mine, fine.  Just please, up your game.  I've put thought into the things I've posted, I ask that you, please do the same.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ensign Resigns

So John Ensign resigned a leadership position and publicly admitted an affair.  An affair he had while separated from his wife, with an adult woman whose husband was away, and for this he’s being publicly admonished.  He’s said to be a hypocrite.  I’m still surprised at the sheer number of hypocrites who condemn hypocrisy.

Bill Clinton pressed his advantage with vulnerable women.  When he was finished, he threw those women to the wolves, aided of course by his wife and their many "feminist" friends.  No hypocrisy there? 

I don’t agree that somebody who tries to live his life morally (even though failure happens) is somehow less moral than somebody who never gave it a thought.  Life is long, everybody blows it, most of us more often then we’d like, but that shouldn’t mean that we don’t try.  If we give ourselves the chance, we just might surprise even ourselves.